From the Pastor

Sunday, December 9

We continue our preparations for the coming of Jesus. That is, we are preparing to celebrate His coming among us as a new-born baby in Bethlehem. Therefore, it is a special time for us to remember with deep gratitude God’s great love for us.

“God so loved the world that He sent His only son…” ” And the Word was made flesh [ i.e. took on our weak and fragile human nature ] and came to live among us.”

Today’s Gospel tells us to prepare for that coming, that remembering, that celebrating. It does so by speaking about John the Baptist, preparing people to welcome the coming of Jesus as He begins His public life, His mission.

John had already become a famous person in his own right. We can tell that from the number of people who came out to see him and that he attracted attention of King Herod and of the religious leaders in Jerusalem. He led a very austere life in the desert, dressed in rough clothes made of camel skin. He fed on locusts and wild honey and fasted as well (the Gospel tells us this in contrast to Jesus).


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