A place of peace and worship for all people across the metropolitan area for nearly 150 years.
Omaha’s downtown parish.


Welcome to the St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church website. I hope that you will find everything you are looking for here and that you will soon find your way to our parish, if you have not yet been here. Our parish is a place of holiness, prayer and support. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel welcome. We have been in downtown Omaha for nearly 150 years serving people from all across the metropolitan area. We offer Mass and Confessions every single day, several times a day to meet the needs and desires of those seeking to worship our Good and Great God.

If you are interested in becoming a member of St. Mary Magdalene Parish,
simply email Fr. Rodney at
or call the rectory at (402) 342-4807.

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From the Pastor

Happy Easter, and yes, it’s still Easter. The Church celebrates the Easter season for 50 days from the Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday, this year May 19th. These days are celebrated as one feast day, or as one ‘great Sunday'” (General Norms of the Liturgical Calendar). We need some time for the truth of Easter to sink in. Some people struggle to take in the good news of Easter, to really believe it. They find it easier to identify with the Passion than with the Resurrection. For some it’s easier to connect with the suffering of Jesus because we have experienced suffering ourselves. Like the disciples we stand before the good news of Easter, struggling to believe. We need time to recognize that the risen Lord is still among us, saying to us what he said to his disciples, “Peace be with you.” He offers us that special peace of mind and heart which is put into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. As we receive this gift of his love, the Risen Lord sends us out as agents of forgiveness and as peacemakers, just as he sent out the first disciples. I invite all of us to use the remainder of these 50 days of the Easter Season to try and notice the presence of the Risen Christ in our lives, in the Eucharist, the Gospel, in the people around us, and in ourselves. Seeing Christ’s presence is what helps us be his witnesses.
God Bless

Weekly Mass Intentions

Confessions heard in the church basement approximately 30 minutes before Masses.
  Monday, April 8th
7:00 AM Jerry Mischo
12:05 PM Samuel & Mary McConnell, dec.
5:15 PM Mary Koch, dec.

Tuesday, April 9th
7:00 AM Mary Poole Balsano
12:05 PM Robert J. Shepherd
5:15 PM Robert L. & Mary Bell Soener

Wednesday, April 10th
7:00 AM Kathleen Keller
12:05 PM Salerno Family
5:15 PM Roland & Bettie Kenny, dec.

Thursday, April 11th
7:00 AM Joyce Cornwell
12:05 PM NO MASS
5:15 PM Calvin Fedro & Family, Living & dec.

Friday, April 12th
7:00 AM Tom Kucirek
12:05 PM Joe Benes
5:15 PM Ligouri Family, Living & dec.

Saturday, April 13th
12:05 PM Don Kraft, dec.
5:15 PM Doug Kuncl, dec.
7:00 PM Frank Digila

Sunday, April 14th
7:30 AM Marie Weidenfeller, dec.
9:00 AM Jerry Ferstl
11:00 AM For the People
12:15 PM Frank & Nora Leutkenhaus, dec.
5:15 PM Joe & Paula Garcia


A diverse people of faith committed to serving God, each other, and our community.


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May the Lord continue to bless everyone who enters St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church as they seek strength and consolation from God in this holy place. And may God be with all those who leave this church, as they go forth as living signs of His presence.

Fr. Rodney Pastor