A place of peace and worship for all people across the metropolitan area for nearly 150 years.
Omaha’s downtown parish.


Welcome to the St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church website. I hope that you will find everything you are looking for here and that you will soon find your way to our parish, if you have not yet been here. Our parish is a place of holiness, prayer and support. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel welcome. We have been in downtown Omaha for nearly 150 years serving people from all across the metropolitan area. We offer Mass and Confessions every single day, several times a day to meet the needs and desires of those seeking to worship our Good and Great God.

If you are interested in becoming a member of St. Mary Magdalene Parish,
simply email Fr. Rodney at
or call the rectory at (402) 342-4807.

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Easter Flower Memorials

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Winnie & Josie Sztuka
Kathleen Enzolera
Nancy Christensen & Ted McKercher
Kathleen Garza
Ruth Ann Heitman Maginn
Robert & Margaret Nussrallah
Jeni L. Riedel
Marlene Matsukis
Harold & Genevieve Connolley
Steve & Eleanor Drzaic
Joseph & Marie Stavas
Roland & Bettie Kenny
Sue Eisemann
Aaron Lawless
Jesse Cardenas
Joe & Anita Jarecke
Leon Ebel
Richard Jackson
Marlene Lavine
Tvrdik Family
Riha Family
Cathy Nielsen
Bill Berg
Stephen F. Shudak
Frank G. Neva L. Shudak
Balsano & Gorup Familes
Bill Shipley
Gale & MarthaAnn  Anderson
Joe & Donna Paladino
Dr.  Paul & Katherine Wolpert
Judy Qwest
John (Jack) Rosenthal
John, Rose & Kathleen Ryan
Cecelia Martinez
Case Family
Carolyn Mehser
Roger Vipond
Bill Reynolds
Jennifer Rudd
Doug Moss
Randy Heimes
Jack Pieper
Winnie & Josie Sztuka
Alfred & Jean Krings
Benjamin L. Lynch
Richard Emsick
Kristi Bellinghausen
Laura Kipple
Muriel Beardslee
Fred & Ruth Ira Jr.
Ed Fitzgerald
Ed Nicola
Rich & Joan Bader
Ben & Marge Nicola
Rita Vallinch
Craig & Irene Hoover
Harold & Genevieve Connolley
Marlene Matsukis
Jeni L. Riedel
Sharon Thomas
Vladas & Laura Grudzinskas
Dr. Eugene Barone
David & Jacob Pedersen
Sr. Josephine Hukmann
Sr. James York
Maggie Bynum
Herb, Rosemary, Joseph and James Walker
Robert & Marie Connelly
Robert Connelly Jr.
Terrance Connelly
Joseph Connelly
Timothy Connelly
The Owens Family
Romano & Jackie Milani
Gabriele Scalise
Immacolata Scalise
Antonio Leo
Caterina Malara
Louis & Irene Bezousek
Bob Debo
Francis & Doris Rutherford
Vicki Buso
Charles Whipple
Julie Brannen
Bruce Nelsen
Catherine Rosburg
Larry Hull
James Michael Kuhl
Adolfo & Mary Buso
Dennis & Shirley O’Connor
John & Flossie Murray
Kathleen Dylla
Kempowicz Family
Kathleen Keller
The Mcann Family
Kevin & Mike Keegan
Tom & Clare Fahey
Tom & Mary P. Keegan
Anne T. Alfreds
Rosemarie L. Prystai
Gregory Jones
Dick, Ann & Mark Forman
Paula Casas
Antonio Casas
Beverly Morris
Vicki Teeters
Maria Reza
Evarista Reza
Rose & Ralph Bellizzi
Mary Jean & Skip Howdle
Julie Moore & Terry Moore
Eileen Tatum & Deceased Family
Don Pachunka
Eugene Schimonitz
John Vokoun
Pearl Kruser
Bob Moore
Marlys  Pogemiller
Dwight Pogemiller
Fr. Mel
John & Winnie Wysko
Floyd Virant
Rose Virant
Floyd C. Virant
Ron Virant
Jim Kuhl
Al Skar
Jim & Alice Barry
John Glenn
Marti Cieslik
Camilla Nelson
Russ Nelson
Emily Mach
Lad Mach
Philip & Marguerite Glassman
Mary Beltrame
Don & Nicholas White
Kevin & Sally Gallagher
Don & Colleen Wilson
Bill & Delores Oropeza
Frank & Lik Poloncic
Frank Poloncic Jr.
Mary Seiter
Neva Collins
Drew Collins
Ed & Anne Lankas
Joe & Marge Belek
Bernie Egr
Emy Egr Clark
Jack & Dinny LanKas
John A. Johnson
Randy Randall
Tony Ficenec
Al Skar
Plourde Family
Adelaida O Ceyes
Gene & Mart Lu Schmitt
Edward Ecker
Bob & Theresa Sperry
Levi Rundlett
Jess & Marg Castro
Levi Runolett
Waters Family
Bernard & Nora Moore
George & Clare Sorich
Tami Anderson
Richard Gubbels
Patrick Kenny
Robert Mattini
Donald & Ronald Reikofski
Clayton Kenny
Rita & Norbert Gubbels
Montanaro Family
Sharon’s Taylor
Russel Taylor
Lawrence & Johnson

Weekly Mass Intentions

Confessions heard in the church basement approximately 30 minutes before Masses.
  Monday, May 22nd
7:00 AM Gary Kolvek
12:05 PM Anne & Mike Bohunis, dec.
5:15 PM William Leddy

Tuesday, May 23rd
7:00 AM Michael Jackson, dec.
12:05 PM Martin & Josephine Caliendo, dec.
5:15 PM Ed Fehringer, dec.

Wednesday, May 24th
7:00 AM Robert Bosiljevac
12:05 PM Barb & Otto Pedersen
5:15 PM Dennis & Shirley O’Conner, dec.

Thursday, May 25h
7:00 AM Kristopher Zelensky
12:05 PM Paula Harrington
5:15 PM Don Hammerquist, dec.

Friday, May 26th
7:00 AM William Lynch, dec.
12:05 PM Lawrence Doud
5:15 PM Roland & Bettie Kenny, dec.

Saturday, May 27th
12:05 PM Raliegh Hausmann
5:15 PM Mark Joseph Romano Bezousek
7:00 PM Mary Beltrame, dec.

Sunday, May 28th
7:30 AM Janet Tvrdik, dec.
9:00 AM Donna Donner
11:00 AM For the People
12:15 PM Cancer Patients
5:15 PM Renee Coury


A diverse people of faith committed to serving God, each other, and our community.


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May the Lord continue to bless everyone who enters St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church as they seek strength and consolation from God in this holy place. And may God be with all those who leave this church, as they go forth as living signs of His presence.

Fr. Rodney Pastor