A place of peace and worship for all people across the metropolitan area for 150 years.
Omaha’s downtown parish.


Welcome to the St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church website. I hope that you will find everything you are looking for here and that you will soon find your way to our parish, if you have not yet been here. Our parish is a place of holiness, prayer and support. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel welcome. We have been in downtown Omaha for nearly 150 years serving people from all across the metropolitan area. We offer Mass and Confessions every single day, several times a day to meet the needs and desires of those seeking to worship our Good and Great God.

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2020 Christmas Flower Memorials

Marie & Robert Connelly
Robert Connelly Jr.
Terrance Connelly
Joseph Connelly
Timothy Connelly
Gregory Jones
Joseph L. Stavas
Bob & Ditty Alm
Colleen Wilson
Matt & Cecilia Gubbels
The Knoblauch  Family
Ronnie Knoblauch
The Horan Family
Francis & Alma Kenny
Kathy Hughes
Joyce Swanson
Martha Fritz
Nora Vondra
George Hughes Jr.
Donald & Nicholas White
Fred Ira Jr.
Phillip & Margarite Glassman
Dick & Helen Maher
Adolfo & Mary Buso
Jess & Marg Castro
Richard Emsick
Jake Dice
Kay Schlehuber
Tim Conway
Francis & Doris Rutherford
Helen & Henry Kitzke 
Blythe Kubovec 
Eleanor Drzaic 
Jim, Jack, Joe and Jeff Koenig 
Viktoria Mileris 
Marlene Hardina 
Jerry Christensen 
Margaret & Mannuel Rosas
Larry Hochwender 
The Rys Family 
Frank & Clara Mattini 
Richard Gubbels 
Roland  Kenny
Jerome & Joann Gubbels
Donald Reikofski 
Rita & Norbert Gubbels 
Vicki Buso 
Leo & Virginia V. Kostszewa 
Virginia A. Kostszewa 
Jesus V. & Paz Cardenas
George Cardenas Jr.
Joe Moreno 
Lucy Moreno 
Dawn Rodriquez 
Margie Polito 
Anna Manuell
Anne T. Alfreds
Rosemarie L. Prystai 
Joe & Marge  Belak
Ed & Anne Lankas
Jack & Dinny Lankas 
Randy Randall 
Bena Egr
Tony Ficenec
Al Skar
Frank & Neva Shudak 
Stephen F. Shudak 
George & Marcella Kyral
Ed Nicola 
Ben & Marge Nicola 
Rich & Joan Bader 
Patrick Kenny 
Ronald Reikofski 
Leon Ebel 
Kathleen Keller
Marlene Matsukis
Balsano & Gorup Families 
Sue Eisemann 
Tom, Jerry & Noella Hruza 
Juliette Plourde 
Joe Fouts
Thomas Moline 
Laura Esser 
Clete, Betty  Roth, Kay 
Muriel Beardslee 
Jack & Mary Hope 
Vincent & Eleanor Kean 
Sylvia Kaminski 
Manuel & Blais Rosas 
Alfred Krings
Ralph & Rose Bellizzi 
Mary Jean & Skip Howdle
Nick Bellizzi 
The Harders & Hall Family 
Gregory Jones 
Don & Rita Langdon 
Louis & Irene Bezousek 
Fr. James Schwertley 
Fr. Benliro 
Robert & Beverly Adams 
Romano Milani 
Patricia Gilmore Borgenson
Cecil & Evelyn Gallagher 
NJ & Helen Mullin 
Frank & Lil Poloncic Jr.
Mary Seiter 
Neva Collins 
Rosie Sledge 
Frank Paladino ( Sonny) 
Joe & Donna Paladino 
Jim & Francie Bruckner 
Jim Bruckner 
John T. & Marian Grant 
Tim Grant  
Ezra Joseph  Sedlacek 
Ag & Bill McGowan 
Sally & Dean Morrison 
Michael Lokey 
Kathleen Enzolera 
Benjamin Lynch

This week’s Sunday Mass Replay

Sunday Mass  – Watch LIVE

Please continue to look on our website and Facebook page for updates.

Weekly Mass Intentions

Monday, January 11th
7:00 AM Frank & Neva Shudak, dec.
12:05 PM Leo Girard, dec.
5:15 PM Jerald M. Nebel, dec.

Tuesday, January 12th
7:00 AM Tostenson Family
12:05 PM Mia Ashley Taylor, dec.
5:15 PM Dr. Robert Penn & Medical Team

Wednesday, January 13th
7:00 AM Ray Koubek, dec.
12:05 PM Robert Shrader, dec.
5:15 PM Kathryn Collins

Thursday, January 14th
7:00 AM Rita A. Vallinch, dec.
12:05 PM Carl Selander, dec.
5:15 PM Jim Mathisen

Friday, January 15th
7:00 AM Floyd & Rose Virant, dec.
12:05 PM Olga Thompson, dec.
5:15 PM Michael & Raymond

Saturday, January 16th
12:05 PM Sylvia & Darek
5:15 PM Elman Family, dec.
7:00 PM N. O’Brien

Sunday, January 17th
7:30 AM Manuel & Margaret Rosas
9:00 AM Eilleen Schellhardt dec.
11:00 AM For the People
12:15 PM Ruth Ann Heitman Maginn, dec.
5:15 PM Gerald Shymkewicz


A diverse people of faith committed to serving God, each other, and our community.


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May the Lord continue to bless everyone who enters St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church as they seek strength and consolation from God in this holy place. And may God be with all those who leave this church, as they go forth as living signs of His presence.

Fr. Rodney Pastor