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From the Pastor

In March of 2020 as the world tried to come to terms with a global pandemic and we learned more and more about how Covid-19 spread, Houses of worship across the country (and indeed the world) were closed. We came to understand the potential danger of large gatherings of people in relation to the spread of the virus. When that happened Archbishop Lucas issued a general dispensation from the Sunday Obligation (to attend Mass). When our churches we’re allowed to reopen in May of 2020 with restricted capacity, the dispensation remained in place. In fact it is still in place. However, after 14 months, the dispensation will be lifted Pentecost weekend (May 22/23) and all the faithful will be invited to come back to Mass in person. Now with that said, we obviously can not predict the future, and we can not say that the pandemic will be better or worse at the end of May. If, God forbid, things are getting worse, the Archbishop has said we can always hit the pause button and leave the dispensation in place. And, Archbishop Lucas has been very clear that the law is flexible enough to excuse people who have serious reasons why they cannot come to Mass. He has publicly stated and written that anyone who feels a heightened concern about catching Covid-19 or communicating it to someone else, either because of their own health or people they are taking care of at home can consider themselves excused. Will people come back after being away for a year? I truly hope and pray that they will. And if you are back, I want to ask you to invite other Catholics who are healthy and even perhaps vaccinated to come back. I can not stress enough how how important it is for us to personally invite those who are tentative to come back. Maybe they could dip their toes in the water by coming to a daily Mass when there are fewer people. I have found that the most effective way to get people to come to Mass is not by telling them why they should go, but rather talk about how much you get out of going to Mass. Talk about how important your faith and Jesus and the Eucharist are to you. People who have been away from Mass for some time may not find it easy to start going back. Invite your friend or family member to come with you and your family. State when you are going, and what time you are going, and offer to take them or meet them outside the door.

It will be necessary for me to start taking off ropes to allow for more seats, but we will do this gradually. I hope we can all be patient and compassionate with one another, and treat each other as we would treat Christ himself. And lets not go back to “normal” but to better.

Blessings, Fr. Rodney

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2021 Easter Flower Memorials

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Herb, Rose Mary, Jos, & James Walker 

Clayton Patrick Schofield 

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Joseph & Waszgis

Roland Kenny 

Robert & Marie Connelly Sr.

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Sam & Lillian LaPuzza

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Rosemarie L. Prystai 

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Dr. Paul & Katherine Wolpert

Regina Ratino 

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Marlene Matsukis

Debo-Achten Families 

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Bojanzki – Algya Family 

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The Horan Family 

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Robert & Beverly Adams 

Vladislav & Laura Grudzinskas

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Ben & Mary Hurst 

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Robert & Donna Alm 

Matt & Cecilia Gubbels 

Kay Schlchuber 

Jerome & Joann Gubbels 

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Frank & Clara Mattini

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Rich & Joan Bader 

Ed Nicola 

Vincent, Irene, & Anthony Dizonno

Floyd Virant

Rose Virant 

Floyd C. Virant 

Ron Virant 

Jim Kuhl

Al Skar

Alfred Krings 

Benjamin Lynch 

Anthony Krings

Manuel & Blaise Rosas

Victoria Buso

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Hoover

Sue Eisemann 

Don & Nicholas White 

Ruth Ira

Fred Ira Jr.

Phillip & Margaret Glassman 

Bob & Bonnie O’Neill

Paula J. Harrington 

Francis & Doris Rutherford 

Bernard T. Kusek 

Patti McCabe

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Jimmie & Lois Walker 

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Welcome to the St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church website. I hope that you will find everything you are looking for here and that you will soon find your way to our parish, if you have not yet been here. Our parish is a place of holiness, prayer and support. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel welcome. We have been in downtown Omaha for nearly 150 years serving people from all across the metropolitan area. We offer Mass and Confessions every single day, several times a day to meet the needs and desires of those seeking to worship our Good and Great God.

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Weekly Mass Intentions

 Monday, May 10th
7:00 AM Jerald M Nebel, dec.
12:05 PM James Kuhl, dec.
5:15 PM Paul Wees, dec.

Tuesday, May 11th
7:00 AM Marlene Stara, dec.
12:05 PM Nick Kunz
5:15 PM Special Intention

Wednesday, May 12th
7:00 AM Mr. Carroll Smith
12:05 PM S.Bono Family
5:15 PM Elizabeth Doud, dec.

Thursday, May 13th
7:00 AM Ron Virant, dec.
12:05 PM Bettie K. Kenny
5:15 PM Jim Herrig

Friday, May 14th
7:00 AM Gary Knapp
12:05 PM John Thomas Farrell
5:15 PM Manuel & Blaise Rosas, dec.

Saturday, May 15th
12:05 PM Jerry & Carole Keating, dec.
5:15 PM Marge Bruno
7:00 PM Tom Meyer

Sunday, May 16th
7:30 AM Carig & Irene Hoover
9:00 AM Cathleen Matza
11:00 AM For the People
12:15 PM Stephen F. Shudak, dec.
5:15 PM Phillip & Elma Dylla, dec.


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Fr. Rodney Pastor