From the Pastor

Raise the Roof – Church Parking

As you can tell from the outside, the Roof project is moving along at a fairly quick pace. The back parking lot is filling up, as I mentioned it would, with dumpsters and storage boxes. That means that on the weekends there will be, as I mentioned a number of times, very few parking spots. We want to reserve those spots for handicapped parking. If you are able to park back there please display your placard. If you are not handicapped please don’t park back there. Also, during the week for daily Mass, even if the gate is open as need by the workers, do not attempt to drive back there because you will get trapped and be unable to turn around and may get a flat tire.

The lot will be cleaned up every Saturday afternoon for weekend handicapped parking.

I’m telling you this yet again because people are still attempting to park back there during the week. Even myself and Fr. Andrew are not allowed back there with our cars.

On another note, we received a very generous bequest this week of $46,250.00! This is a wonderful gift for us! That is over $46,000 we won’t have to borrow. Finally, we were on the news! John Chapman from WOWT did a story about our project. If you didn’t see it you can go online to their website WOWT.COM and check it out.


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